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On average we spend a third of our lives working. It’s why we at DocMorris aim to provide an environment where talent can thrive, flourish, and be an inspiration to others. Our culture is one of collaboration and caring. We reward individuals and teams alike with beneficial opportunities and genuine recognition.

Group-wide careers

They say "you come for a job, but you stay for a career". Our group-wide performance and talent management framework supports the individual development of all our employees. A mix of self-driven and targeted guided development programmes are the basis for supporting our employees to learn and grow. Talent development is one of the key elements of our comprehensive sustainability strategy.

At DocMorris, there are career opportunities at all levels. We are looking for diverse talent in areas such as data & analytics, software development, pharmacy, customer service, logistics or digital marketing. Above all, we are always open to talking to people who are passionate about health.

5 reasons for working with us

International brands & colleagues

Our colleagues come from all corners of the world bringing with them diverse perspectives and talents, languages and culture. Together we are operating across various markets including Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. 

DocMorris is one of the biggest online pharmacies in Europe. We are continuously building on this achievement and pursuing our vision of creating a world for everyone to manage their health in one click with an international team. Working with us means you'll be working with a talented group of diverse colleagues who are key contributors to our great work environment where learning and development are wholeheartedly encouraged.

Future of work

In recent years, we all had to change our usual ways of working to meet emerging and often unexpected challenges. The result: new ways of working were born. The modern workplace is now characterised by virtual meetings, mobile working, digital collaboration, and flexible working hours and locations. At DocMorris that is no different. We have created adaptable working environments, both on-site at our locations and remotely. With simple and secure tools, collaborative software and workstations, and the flexibility for teams to manage time and locations individually, we make it work by putting people first.

The quest for excellence

The entrepreneurial spirit runs strong in our DNA. Day by day, we push the boundaries in healthcare. Our superpower is our people’s drive, dedication and ability to turn ideas into realities. We are particularly proud of our Swiss heritage; finding solutions to big problems in the world, rooted in technology and precision, and with strong respect for healthcare. As such, we commit to the highest principles and criteria of excellence in everything we do.

Far-reaching opportunities for growth

At DocMorris, there are plenty of development and growth opportunities just waiting to be explored. We actively encourage and give access to self-learning programmes, the pursuit of individual development paths and the exploration of new roles all across our group-wide career landscape. To us, growing our business goes hand in hand with providing an optimal environment for talent to develop and giving them the space and flexibility to do so.

A truly collaborative culture

Our culture is based on a set of strong principles that we all share. Building on this, we create an environment where interns and board members, logistics experts and data analysts work collaboratively. The DocMorris’s team culture stands for co-creation, empathy and agility, with joint responsibility towards our shared vision.

We care about you

As an employee at DocMorris, you are the heart and soul of our organisation. To express how much we value our employees, we have launched a range of benefits to recognise their commitment. Fair salaries, great pension plans, fun events, team-building, generous vacations, disability insurance, commuting expenses, and paternity and maternity leave, are just some of the wonderful benefits on offer.

Your workplace well-being

All our offices have ergonomically-designed workstations and maximised accessibility to accommodate your working style and daily needs. You can stand upright at a desk, bounce ideas off colleagues in an open space, use a silent cabin to focus or make calls, or maybe you like the bustle of a micro-kitchen. Whatever your preference, you have the chance to work where you work best, along with flexible working-time models and home-office options. We also offer all our employees free healthy snacks and refreshments to keep them well-hydrated and energised.

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