ecosystem strategy

DocMorris aims to create a world for everyone to manage their health in one click. To realise our vision, we are leveraging our expertise in e-commerce and healthcare systems in order to expand digital health offerings for our patients and customers.

A seamless experience: Users can submit their e-prescriptions conveniently via the DocMorris app.A seamless experience: Users can submit their e-prescriptions conveniently via the DocMorris app.
A seamless experience: Users can submit their e-prescriptions conveniently via the DocMorris app.

E-prescription opportunities

The European healthcare industry is facing radical change. Ongoing digitisation and disruptive solutions are permanently changing the way we access healthcare and treatments, and the recent e-prescription (eRx) roll-out in Germany is a crucial step in the right direction. As the largest online pharmacy in Germany, DocMorris is well positioned in this attractive EUR 50 billion market for eRx – 80% of which is based on chronic demand. In the future, we want to further strengthen our positioning as a comprehensive provider of high-quality, readily accessible, and customised digital healthcare solutions for our patients and customers, in particular for people living with chronic conditions.

Building the digital health ecosystem

We connect patients and customers with doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and health insurers to provide them with optimal care and the best treatment solutions on a single platform. With our customer-centric digital health ecosystem strategy, we will actively drive industry digitisation and promote profitable growth. In doing so, we aim to create value for our patients, customers, partners, shareholders and employees alike.

Walter Hess
With our ecosystem approach, we deliver seamless digital health solutions for our patients and customers.
Walter Hess
CEO, DocMorris AG

In collaboration with diverse marketplace and health partners, we develop personalised, data-driven products and services for our customers and patients. These digital offerings enable them to conveniently access healthcare in a seamless experience via our health platform. As the number of partners grows, we will expand our services and increase the appeal of our offering to gain potential new partners and, in turn, new customers.

Our best-in-class platform is the foundation for DocMorris's continuous development into the go-to digital health destination.

Becoming the go-to digital health destination

People are at the heart of everything we do, and we design health offerings that are tailored to their needs. We achieve this by collaborating with the best marketplace and health partners in the industry. As a result, the DocMorris health platform continues to evolve with an expanding offering of products and services – from raising awareness to providing solutions for diagnoses, treatments, and adherence and monitoring.

Marketplace partners

Together with our partners, we are expanding our marketplace capabilities to deliver the best customer experience. We are broadening our core online pharmacy assortment via seller partners by adding nutritional supplements, skin care and cosmetics among others. Additionally, we continue to roll out our same-day express delivery through our local pharmacy partner network to all major metropolitan areas in Germany.

Health partners

We work with doctors, pharmaceutical companies and health insurers to ensure the highest value for our patients and partners. Collaborative decision-making and reliable partnerships allow us to expand into a broader range of care and treatment offerings based on the joint development of end-to-end health solutions for patients. A large focus is on common chronic conditions that include diabetes, obesity, and thyroid disorders among others.

A best-in-class platform

We firmly believe that technology is the key to developing a customer-centric digital health experience and sustainable growth. Using data and artificial intelligence, we gain a deeper understanding of customer needs. This enables us to measure and enhance efficiency and effectiveness in all our business areas, including our operations, services and brand marketing activities.

Going forward we will focus on expanding our service offering and logistics infrastructure, while further leveraging the brand positioning of DocMorris. This is how we plan to become the go-to digital health destination for our patients and customers.